Sovaelyn "Sovie" Quil


Sovaelyn Quil was an unremarkable Eladrin. Growing up, she had neither the beauty and grace of her fellow fey, nor the personality to compensate. Still, despite Sovaelyn’s awkward persona, her life in the Feywild, with its cities of white stone and glittering towers amongst the lush forest, was easy. As her mother was of some status, Sovaelyn was pampered, indulged, and spoiled.

Though Sovaelyn’s friendships would last only a decade or two, she found herself gaining exactly as many friends as she had lost, so there was very little, if any, fluctuation, and she thought little of this anomaly until Tarwen. The daughter of a rising cleric, Tarwen was brutally kind, and informed Sovaelyn that all of her friends, herself included, had been bribed by Sovaelyn’s mother to befriend her. Some friends were bribed themselves, but most were bribed through their parents, with promises of status and wealth. As a servant of Corellon herself, Tarwen was ashamed her father would accept such bribery, and insisted that telling Sovaelyn the truth was an act of kindness. Sovaelyn couldn’t help but agree.

From that point forward, Sovaelyn kept herself busy, either in prayer or in study, too angered and disappointed in herself to attempt to socialize again. Now she had a considerable mistrust in those who would call themselves her friend, and avoided them at all costs. Instead, she lost herself in historical archives, often sequestering the books and scrolls away to read in absolute privacy, much to their keeper’s chagrin, as he could never catch her in the act, only noticing the items after they were missing.

Sovaelyn never confronted her mother, though as she became noticeably distant, her mother eventually approached her. Yet, instead of confessing to bribing Sovaelyn’s friends, her mother suggested that she leave the Feywild. It was obvious that Sovaelyn was unhappy and restless, and remaining in the Feywild, amongst those who had lied to her, would do little good. By taking the path of the Avenger, her mother informed her, Sovaelyn would be able to travel, and for the next century, she trained herself for that purpose. That the path was long and arduous did not matter to her. Nor did the fact that she herself would have to become a ruthless fighter in the name of her god. Corellon had never betrayed her, was never swayed by coin or status, and it had been a true servant of Corellon who revealed the lie Sovaelyn lived in.

It was by chance that, when Sovaelyn left the Feywild to perform her religious rites to fully realize herself as an Avenger, she came across a group of travelers who hailed from Meadowhome, who offered their assistance. Initially, Sovaelyn mistrusted them, giving them the alias Jordan, intending on parting ways with the group as soon as she could repay them for their aid. And yet, as her debt was repaid, she found herself growing fond of the group, and couldn’t bring herself to leave.

She continued her travels with them, finally revealing her true name as Sovaelyn, and even going so far as to name dragons as her oath sword enemy for the sake of defeating Zamiya. Now, any enemy of Meadowhome was an enemy of hers.

Sovaelyn "Sovie" Quil

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