Thufir Grabhand

Dwarven Rogue enamored with jewels and ale, in that order.


It seems like ages ago (and it probably has been) that Thufir left home for love and adventure. Love has forsaken him and hardened his heart after his wife left him for the sake of money. Irony, it seems, has a sense of humor after all. Thufir has wandered the land of Valstania for several years trying to find a home. It was during these wanderings that he has reconnected with his Godson “Pint”, a Tiefling Warlock also enamored with ale and possessing a penchant for creating as much trouble as Thufir does. While in discussion with an art dealer Thufir met the people that would become the closest thing to a family he has known outside of his estranged relationship with his own parents. The group that would eventually be known as the heroes of meadow home have taken Thufir in, even after he stole a fortune from them in order to build a tavern and retire quietly, which has always been his one aspiration since leaving the dwarven kingdom. Thufir provides part of the spirit and part of the might of the company of heroes.

Thufir never wanted to be in the family business of blacksmithing and weapon making. His brother, Diggle, was only too happy to remind him of all of his poor performances growing up and Thufir had to harden himself from his father’s constant one-two punch of disapproving looks and open praise for his brother. His sister, Kira, was the only immediate family member to encourage Thufir’s natural talents for acrobatics and speed. He developed slight of hand skills and could even pick locks and climb walls. It wasn’t until Thufir met the best and worst thing that would happen to him that his purpose became clear.

Paquin happened. Paquin was the daughter of a local repairman in the dwarven kingdom. She was considered middle class but had the beauty and social graces of a noblewoman. Paquin fell for Thufir after she caught him stealing her father’s purse. Apparently anyone bold enough to steal from her father was perfect for her. She already possesed many of the talents Thufir himself had and the two quickly discovered they made a great team in many ways. Love blossomed quickly but both knew that the 2 families did not like each other and they would never consent. Since both of them were estranged from their families anyway Paquin arranged for both of them to run away and find life outside the walls of the city. Thufir agreed and they ran for the City of Phoenix Gate. it was there that they met Ignatius. Ignatius was the leader of a small band of theives operating a quiet guild out of the surrounding area. Ignatius was very skilled and extremely eager to take in two dwarves with such raw, natural talent. Thufir trained with Ignatius every day to become better at thieving. Ignatius found in Thufir an eager and willing protege that he had been searching for. It was believed that as the guild grew (having taken the name “silent apparitions”) that Thufir was next in line to be in charge when Ignatius stepped down. Paquin, meanwhile, felt as though she had been left behind by Thufir. Instead of it being the two of them it was Thufir and Ignatius. Paquin, after hearing the rumors of Thufir’s ascendance through the ranks, felt scorned and left behind and planned to react accordingly.

Paquin knew that Thufir had many contacts, but none more powerful than “The Devil You Know” trading company owned by Pint’s grandmother. She convinced Thufir that with all of his new responsibilities he would need help managing his current responsibilities. Thufir agreed and signed over controlling intrest of his share in the company to Paquin. Thufir did not realize, but at the time the contract in place also gave Paquin rights to his share of his own family fortune (small, but not insubstantial) combined with that of the trading company. Paquin slowly took Thufir for all he was worth without him noticing, since he was preocupied and trusted Paquin to deal with his smaller tasks. Paquin not only took his money but also made friends with his allies who found Paquin persuasive and charasmatic. Unbeknownst to both Thufir and Ignatius it was these manuevers that would eventually bring about the downfall of the Apparitions.

Six months after Thufir was named second to Ignatius the chance to make a real name for themselves was presented. Ignatius learned that a contingent of nobles was in transit to Phoenix Gate to advertise for the new theatre season at Lakeside. These nobles were bringing money and influence with them and it was whispered in Rogue circles that they were looking to hire a guild to operate in lakeside as spies to the other nobles to set up an information network for them there. The nobles sent invites to all of the guilds in Phoenix Gate informing them that they would be “watching and listening for their exploits. The guild we hear the most of will be approached.”

Phoenix Gate guards will remember this night as “Rogue’s night” as every thief in the area attempted feats that would get them recognized, which of course taxed local law enforcment and made their jails overflow soon after. The Apparitions were no different and made plans to execute a plan to rob the town guard themselves right out of their barracks without being discovered. Thufir was to lead the plan and Ignatius was to be the decoy. Paquin was asked to back up Thufir as needed. Thufir has never divulged the details of this operation, or what they were even looking to steal, but it was Paquin that ruined everything.

Paquin had already turned most of the guild against Thufir and Ignatius and she planned to get both of them caught. She was going to wait until Ignatius had put himself in place and Thufir moved in to spring her won trap getting both of them arrested and out of the way for her takeover. She figured by doing this she would not only take everything Thufir owned, but would be noticed by the noblery and gett eh job by taking over an entire guild in one night. Her plan only had one hole and it saved Thufir’s life.

A fellow thief named Dontalus had been following Paquin and had learned what she was planning. Dontalus had been a constant thorn in Thufir’s side, always competing for attention from Ignatius and Paquin, and delighting in proving Thufir wrong or outdoing him (which didn’t happen often). As much as Thufir finally losing pleased him he felt that any competition should be out in the open with a sense of fairness, even among Rogues. Right before the plan was to take form Dontalus warned Thufir of the betrayal. Thufir disregarded Dontalus’s warnings but hesitated just long enough to see the truth of what had happened. Ignatius was immediatly arrested, and in resisting arrest was mortally wounded by one of the guards. Thufir was not in time to save him and, had it not been for Dontalus’s help, would have been imprisoned himself. Thufir was forced to run and watch from afar as Paquin took everything that he had worked for and everything that was rightfully his.

Thufir spent several years on his own in small towns. He learned many harsh lessons about friendship and trust, and the fleetingness of both. He became completely self reliant and honed his craft so well that he even forgot his own identity for a long time, taking the last name of “Grabhand” and leaving the last bit of familial identity behind him. Thufir has spent most of his life outside of his home taking care of only himself. After finding hsi Godson again and seeing the rise of an ancient dark god Thufir has been forced to change some of his ways. He is slowly learning again that sometimes you need to trust in someone besides yourself to survvie. Thufir has been through more in the past 2 years of his life than most experience in 3 lifetimes, and with all of the evil that he has stared, or stabbed, in the face he doesn’t fear that. He doesn’t fear death, or love, or glory. What he fears the most is failure. After numerous failed attempts to live up to his potential he has been given what could be one last opportunity to become what others through his life have seen in him. To find that greatness within him he will have to travel the length of the world and back fighting evils out of the nightmares of children, and all in the name of bacoming the hero he was meant to be. With the fate of his world and newfound friends hanging in the balance failure for Thufir is not an option.

Thufir Grabhand

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