Brayden Eidenral

A hot headed fighter who fights for Meadow Home; older brother to Brannigan Eidenral, Lady of Meadow Home. He recently has started down his own Paragon path, Dread Reaper.


Brayden is brash of action in social settings, but often calculating in battle, going where he’s needed most (or where his sister tells him to). He is selfish, opinionated, and bigoted toward particular occurrences, not races or peoples, though he certainly stereotypes. He is only lawful when it serves a greater civic good, not so when he finds it trivial. He is mindful of others needs, yet cares little of their destiny unless it intertwines with his own. He is protective of those he cares for, and will not see injustice delivered without retribution.

He is a tall man with black hair tousled around his shoulders and sky blue eyes that could pierce the sun. Brayden carries himself with a subtle confidence and physical presence. He’s often soft spoken, unless intoxicated or arguing with his sister Brannigan.

Brayden has begun extensive writing for a book based on great weapon fighting. He jots down techniques in his journal focused on endurance to carry giant sweeping attacks forward, allowing him to move around is foe to grant advantageous positions to his allies, as well as methods of defense and area control.

Uther is Brayden’s warhorse. Almost warhorse. He is an angry steed, who doesn’t like very much anyone outside of Brayden and Brannigan. He’s grown close to Kayla as well, since she realized Uther killed a goblin while she slept, passed out on booze. Brayden cares for the jet black horse very much.

Brayden and party helped the McShea family from Alastair the Lich. Alistair was the Eidenral’s former clergyman who had poisoned the McShea family and wanted their son Matias for some nefarious purpose. Meadow McShea was rescued by Brayden and helped in Matias’ rescue, during which she transformed into an angel. Brayden and Meadow’s love-that-would-be never was, as she swept off to some netherrealm as an angel with her brother and also angelic mother and father. She left Brayden the McShea Estate, a small keep that was renamed Meadow Home.

Brayden Eidenral

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