Rise of Zamiya

Shadowfell Entrance

A Taste of Things to Come

Our heroes have run into the cursed Shadowfell Forest to avoid the Hunter and his Pack. After running for several minutes into the forest the party decided to take a break and look around. The group quickly discovers the Forest is manipulating its own geography. On one hand the Hunter will have a harder time catching up to them but the party is lost as well within the Forest’s boundaries. After walking for another 10 minutes, the group comes to what can be seen as ruins of a sort. With moss covered stone walls and rubble. Amongst the rubble is a brittle looking stone dais with a chest surrounded by an aura on it.

Daire separates himself from the main party to look around and is surprised when part of a wall topples onto him revealing a hulking plant creature. A bevy of wolves, bears and hulking plant creatures attacked our intrepid party. Meanwhile the Hunter and his pack found the adventurers and are closing in from behind. The curse of the forest befalls Sovie, Kayla and Kelek turning them slowly into plants. Several of the creatures begin to attack the gnolls as well as they enter the area, making this a 3 way battle.

The Hunter finally enters the area and immediately orders his pack to ignore everything else and kill Kelek. With a new opponent on either side the party decides to try to retreat to get out of the Forest. Sovie’s condition has worsened, she is coughing up seeds and her body rebelling against her will slowly turning into a plant. In a desperate maneuver – Kelek rushes to the chest and opens it in hopes of finding some weapon or cure for the curse. Instead Kelek’s eyes glow green and he is levitated several feet above the ground. Green glowing mist starts pouring out of the chest.

The green mist coalesces into the form a wooden looking elven female. She seems to be whispering in Kelek’s direction. The fight meanwhile has gone poorly for the group as The Hunter’s mighty bow shots are turning the tables quickly on the Heroes. Kelek snaps out of his trance and quickly urges all the heroes to break off and converge at his location. The heroes one by one break off leaving Kayla Whistlebrush to take the rear. After she arrives at the location a shell of vines and branches envelopes the area and disappears, taking the heroes and the newly formed elven form.

She explains to the group that she was Kelek’s love a long time ago and she was cursed like everyone else in Shadowbrook Castle. They are forever linked and she opens up the vine shell at the edge of the forest with parting words of, “Find the Princess! Please bring her here to lift the curse! Before all is lost!” And the group left the forest…



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