Rise of Zamiya

Kelek's Path

...or Where the Wild Things Are (part 1)

While awaiting for the Lady Brannigan to come out of her meeting with Duke Ashton Morgaine, several members of the Heroes of Meadowhome are enjoying a drink. The newly appointed Inquisitor Vayle, enigmatic prophet Kelek, his spirit quest guardian Tyekonnic, ingenious merchant Pint, general ‘Dragon -Slayer’ Kayla and divine servants Daire and Jordann are all in the Grueling Spot tavern enjoying a rare respite and a few pints of ale.

No sooner does the 2nd round of drinks get ordered than something awful happens…

Kelek, unlike his natural state of quiet, stands abruptly and gets on the table. He then starts speaking in a strange language and his eyes start to glow a vibrant green. Upon reaching a crescendo in the pitch of his voice, Kelek convulses in pain once then his whole body blinks in and out of existence then reappearing no more than 15 feet away only to say a few words and teleport again going through the same convulsion. After a few stunned moments the rest of the table decides to run after him. Grabbing some horses they follow the fast moving Kelek for better part of 2 hours.

Kelek’s magical conveyance abruptly stops in a woodsy area close to a forest. The rest of the party catches up to the swift traveling druid and start asking what happened. Kelek’s vision-quest brought him here and he felt as if they were in grave danger. The party decides to relocate for the evening in the forest they are close to and set a defensible camp till morning. No sooner is camp setup, then the group gets attacked. A whispy voice calls out for Kelek to surrender to his destiny or be prepared to get cut down. Obviously this does not go over well and the party declines said offer. The wooded campsite is then swarmed with gnoll creatures led by a black skinned elf that looks remarkably like Kelek. Kelek says the elf calls himself The Hunter and he’s one of Zamiya’s Fangs. Feeling cornered and trapped Kelek flees but regains composure after he sees his friends in a pitched battle for his freedom.

The group is able to take down the numerous gnolls but have not been able to deter The Hunter from his prey. Upon hearing more of the Hunter’s Pack approaching, the party decides to retreat further into the Forest behind them. What the party doesn’t know is that Kelek finally understands his prophecy and what it means to the group as a whole…



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